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How we Work!


United Uplift

Are you a school, college, church, organization or individual looking to form your own volunteer's  opportunities to help uplift the world? 

  • We offer you the opportunity to visit and work with local established agencies in International locations. We work to make sure your trip is both safe, enjoyable and productive!
  •  We also offer Faith-based locations for volunteers & mission trips. 


Urban Community Uplift

This is what makes our program different while most ministries work to help out at home and missionaries help aboard, we asked ourselves why not both? 

So, we also want to help underprivileged Youth in America help others! 

Individuals or organizations can help sponsor a deserving youth in your own community by helping that youth to get an opportunity of a lifetime! They will be able to go outside of their own neighborhoods and visit other countries where they will be able to offer help to those less fortunate than themselves. While developing productive skills to enhance their future also. And we here at Ethnic Uplift will assign them a Mentor upon their return that will work with them as long as they remain in the school.

Please help us to help others. Your donations help keep us going!

Helping us, helps others!

Inner City Youth Fund

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Once a year we will have a contest and pick a deserving Youth also! Youth will be given an award at our yearly Gala! Your donations will help make that possible. 

Those that donate will be able to nominate and or vote for one of those special youths! 

Thank you for your Donation!

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