Volunteer Group Leaders & Mentors


Become a Group Leader!

We are looking for College and Professionals who would like to be able to showcase your skills while teaching our youth a few! Skills include but are not limited include:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Medical professions
  • Archaeology
  • Gemology
  • Agriculture
  • Languages 
  • Zoologist/conservationist
  • Biologist
  • Botanists
  • Multiculturalism
  • Historian
  • Etc...

Thank you in advance!



We understand that people are busy and you may not be able to go on a Trip. So, we also are in need of Mentors who can keep in touch with our Youth once they return in order to keep them motivated to pursue their dreams!  This can be done in person, by phone or online if you live in another State. And your length of commitment will depend on you but we hope you will be able to see them though and be there for any graduations.